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An organized voice for visitors to Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs.

Cougar Hot Springs

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Our mission is to provide an organized voice for those who enjoy Cougar Hot Springs. The Forest Service periodically makes or plans changes at the Springs. We want to email you quickly if an important issue suddenly arises to express your opinion before important changes are made. There is no cost to be a member.

Present issues:

Private concessionaire and fee increase (join, and you can read the details)


Past issues:

1. Day Fee (opposed by 94% of visitors surveyed). FS notified us 3/2/98. Enacted, despite our opposition 6/1/98.

2. Ban on Nudity (opposed by 100% of visitors surveyed). FS notified us 10/98. On 12/7/98 the FS relented due to opposition to the ban by Friends of Cougar. The FS agreed to allow nudity to continue.

3. Stopping the Forest Service from putting gravel on the trail. People enjoy walking barefoot on the forest trail in the summer, and gravel cuts into that enjoyment.

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